Adrenal Cortex for Energy and Stress

Normal adrenal function.  The adrenal glands produce special hormones that allow you to handle stress, both physical and emotional.  The main stress hormone is cortisol.  It prevents your blood sugar and blood pressure from dropping too low, controls salt balance, and is the main anti-inflammatory substance in your body.  It is the hormone that makes you want to get up and go in the morning.  The other stress hormone the adrenals make is adrenaline, which is an emergency hormone to give your body sudden energy.

Causes of adrenal fatigue.Under severe or prolonged stresses, the adrenal glands will only produce extra stress hormones for so long before they are no longer able to keep up with the body’s needs.  This is often the time when the person starts feeling he or she is not the same anymore.  Causes of this adrenal failure are:

Symptoms of adrenal fatigue.

Treatment of adrenal fatigue.  The way to successfully treat adrenal fatigue is to take care of the problem or illness that is taxing the adrenals (Candida, for example), and also supplement the adrenals with natural adrenal cortex extract.  To work, adrenal support must come from animal adrenals.  Plant remedies like licorice are not nearly as effective as adrenal cortex.
The most effective adrenal cortex product Dr. Humiston has found is called Adrenergize.  It contains adrenal cortex from cows, with other supportive organ extracts.  It makes people feel better quickly.
Adrenergize comes in a bottle with 50 capsules.  Here’s what you need to know about taking it:

So, a typical Adrenergize dosing schedule for a person who has morning fatigue and is starting the Candida program and is coming off of coffee (his or her morning stimulant) would be:
6-8 am:            3-6 capsules
10-noon:          1-3 capsules
People whose symptoms are more severe, or those who have recently used prednisone or other steroids, should consider using higher doses, and may want to take a mid-afternoon dose in addition.

As your health improves and your adrenal glands get rest and support, your daily need for Adrenergize will gradually diminish.  Eventually, your adrenal glands will be able to carry you throughout a normal day without assistance.  However, you will probably always want to have a few capsules handy for times of high stress or illness.

Adrenergize can make adrenally fatigued people feel remarkably better.  Some wonder if they can become addicted to it.  Because cortisol is necessary for the survival and functioning of your body, it is not possible to become addicted to adrenal cortex.  There is no downside to taking it, if you have the symptoms of adrenal fatigue.  If a person took too much, he or she might feel a little aggressive or extra hungry for a few hours.  It is rare for anyone to experience this.  The answer is to reduce the dose.

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