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There is effective treatment for Candida.

The genius of inspired contributors has made available remarkably effective Candida treatment methods, and the following program is the result of combining these scientifically-based approaches.  The collective effectiveness of these three optimized components (medication + diet + probiotics) has resulted in 80-90% of over a thousand treated patients reporting significant, lasting improvement in Candida-related symptoms.  In clinical experience, no other treatment program has worked nearly as well. 

There are many varying treatments offered for Candida today.  These treatments tend to rely on a single supplement or medication that sounds very innovative and promising.  People will often experience a degree of relief by using such products, and a few will actually find major relief.  However, single products which theoretically destroy Candida by oxygen exposure, or by degrading its cell wall in the intestine, or by overwhelming it with antagonistic bacteria will seldom achieve the profound, lasting relief Candida sufferers are seeking.  In genetic studies Candida species have been found to have remarkable heterozygosity (inherent genetic variation) and the ability to transform themselves through reversible genetic rearrangements when faced with an attack (meaning they have many genetic tricks up their sleeves).  So they are remarkably resistant.  Moreover, Candida does not simply live only in the intestinal tract.  Once Candida overgrowth takes place, it can actually infect any organ of the body.  For these reasons, reliance on a single supplement or medication, or on diets that are so often flawed, usually leads to a partial response at best and frustration.

Dr. Humiston's Candida treatment has been developed and refined in a renowned medical clinic, through observation and recording of both the short- and long-term responses of over a thousand patients, many of whom were seriously ill.  Many who offer Candida treatment have simply found a treatment that worked somewhat for themselves, and then started offering it to others.  Dr. Humiston's advantage of being able to work with such a large number and variety of patients — including those dealing with alcoholism, cancer, chronic fatigue, asthma, diabetes, fibromyalgia, arthritis, migraines, acid reflux, depression, autoimmune diseases and other maladies — and being able to observe what actually works and what does not work with these many patients, is what has made this treatment program far superior to all the other approaches our patients have tried.

The following three components are necessary for effective treatment of Candida:


1.  Plant-derived antifungal medication.  Because plants extend their roots into wet soil, fungal invasion and eventual rot are constant threats to plant life.  Nature, therefore, endows plants with antifungal chemicals that course through their tubules (their circulatory system) and successfully keep fungi at bay.  When this system breaks down, as occurs when a plant is damaged or diseased, plants break apart and soften up as fungus invades.  Think of the rotting tree with mushrooms growing on the remaining bark.

Just as fungal chemicals from nature (antibiotics like penicillin) are effective agents for killing bacteria, man can also use plant chemicals from nature to kill fungus.  Currently, none of the synthetic medications appear to work as well as plant-derived antifungals for Candida overgrowth.

The plant-derived antifungals employed in this program are actually eighteen distinct herbal entities, assembled and divided into three different progressive steps by a master herbalist.  They are all taken by mouth as capsules. 

According to herbal methodology, the first step primarily affects the liver.  The majority of Candida patients will notice that most of their Candida symptoms are altered, some dramatically, within the first three or four days of treatment.  Cravings usually diminish rapidly. 

The second step starts at least 12 days later, and is aimed at controlling the mature form of the fungus found in various areas of the body. 

The third step starts after you’ve been on the program for four to six weeks, and is aimed at controlling the fungal spores, Candida’s last attempt at survival.  These three oral medication steps usually take 6-8 weeks.  After that, there is a long-term maintenance program that is easy to follow and allows you to keep the gains made.

2.  Antifungal diet.  The diet plan was authored by a medical doctor who holds a Ph.D. in clinical nutrition as well.  This doctor’s young son became autistic, and turned out to be exquisitely sensitive to yeast-promoting foods.  To understand the needs of his son and of others similarly afflicted, this physician employed his scientific background and keen clinical observation to craft a diet plan that is very effective in avoiding Candida-feeding foods.  He is able to actually rank foods in order of how much they feed Candida.  In clinical experience, the diet has been found to be effective, and very accurate both in what it prohibits you from eating as well as in what it allows you to eat.  Interestingly, it is not a low-carb diet, but rather encourages people to rely on carbohydrates, like beans, rice and potatoes.  (For those who may be having reactions and difficulty when eating carbohydrates, please note that the antifungals are generally very effective in making carbohydrates much more tolerable in a short time.)

During the 6-8 weeks of the first three steps of the antifungals, the diet is rather strict (but not difficult for most because cravings usually diminish quickly).  Once the maintenance program is started, you can resume eating many of the foods that were off-limits before.

3.  Probiotics.  Probiotics are supplements containing selected live bacteria that are known to assist human health.  In the case of Candida overgrowth, probiotics help the body restore the bacterial dominance, both in the intestines and in other tissues, that is absolutely necessary to keep yeast from taking over again.  Less important than medication and diet, they are still essential in getting control over Candida.  The probiotic used in this program is guaranteed to have over 25 billion bacterial colony-forming units (a measure of how alive the bacteria are) in each capsule.  It contains five different beneficial strains in a combination found to be effective.  It is maintained under refrigeration, and uses inulin as the food source for the bacteria, a natural sugar that does not negate the benefit of the probiotic by nourishing yeast as well as bacteria (many probiotics use maltodextrin or milk as a food source, which have this undesirable effect).

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Updated: May 16, 2011


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